Data processing

Enabling machines to implement concepts correctly

We carry out holistic, seamless 3D planning processes for projects involving complex free-form geometric structures and surfaces. Using parametric models, we manage the process from design to production either in-house or together with our partners.


As well as applying our comprehensive expertise in timber construction projects, we can process and/or develop CNC machine data for your project. As a sub-process, we also provide complete contract manufacturing services for your pre-developed components. The entire process is precise, flexible and fast. Our extensive software expertise enables us to supply the CNC machines with essential high-quality code and flawless information. We have the skills and the experience to overcome your challenges with the right solution based on seamless digital processes.


As well as its increasing importance in architectural milestone projects for engineered timber-frame constructions, machine data can also be used in mould construction, prototyping and the management of 3D printing.

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