Measurement/weighing systems

The current levels always in view

Highly automated complete facilities are the standard today in winter road maintenance. We offer you solutions that correspond perfectly to your needs and requirements – from simple, manual measurement to fully automated complete facilities. You can thus always keep track of your stocks. Existing silos can also be retrofitted.


For the networking and control of decentralised silos and containers we offer the convenient salt manager: an online platform for the recording and managing all your salt and grit stocks. Information on stocks is transmitted via mobile radio modules. Withdrawal with ID chips means it is possible to evaluate individual vehicles and routes.


Sensors and instruments

  • Laser, ultrasound and radar sensors (measurement by distance)
  • Strain gauges or weighing cells (measurement by weight)
  • Automation tailored to your needs


Degree of automation

  • Straightforward content display with strain gauges or weighing cells. Weighing of silo, on-site display, manual withdrawal
  • Semi-automation. Weighing of silo, on-site display, withdrawal with ID chip
  • Full automation. Weighing of silo, on-site display, withdrawal with ID chip, electrical or hydraulic slider opening, automatic windsock/loading tube
  • Premium automation. Weighing of silo, on-screen display, automatic windsock/loading tube, start and stop withdrawal directly from vehicle, on-screen monitoring of withdrawal
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