Wooden silos

Silo Construction and Facilities Engineering

Our silo and facility construction activities have a long tradition. Over the last 30 years we have designed, planned and erected over 600 facilities across Europe. Wood is the perfect material for the storage of salt and other bulk materials.


As a consequence of increasing automation, ultra-modern measurement and weighing systems and efficient conveyor equipment, the technological challenges are increasing – the modern silo manufacturer is a highly specialised facility builder. The dimensions are equally impressive. Thanks to optimised statics, silo volumes of up to 1000 m³ are possible today.


Our services:

  • Timber salt silos from 5 m³ to 1000 m³ (can be used for other bulk materials)

  • Mobile timber silos with an urban and municipal approach

  • Sub-divided silos for the simultaneous storage of grit and salt

  • Salt storage depots

  • Architectural silo construction/modular silos with bespoke design

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Round silos

A classic for more than 30 years...

E8/E12 silos

Sub-divided silos for two gritting materials...

Logistics concepts

Optimised planning avoids empty runs...

Data sheets

Information on our grit silos...



E4 silos

The perfect solution for municipalities...

Small silos

Sophisticated system for town and country...


Bespoke solutions to suit all requirements...

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