Economy, society and ecology

The term sustainability originates from forestry and in the strictest sense means that only as many trees should be felled as are able to grow back. Our sustainability strategy aims to take economic, ecological and societal factors into equal consideration. With this strategy we want to achieve permanent values. At the same time, sustainability is a continual process over the entire supply chain and demands clear objectives and actions. The choice of wood for construction is not a hard one.

The following aspects of sustainability are particularly important to us:

Ecologically sustainable

  • Wood is a renewable, carbon-neutral material.
  • We use every bit of the wood we process.
  • What can not be used as construction material is processed into carbon-neutral, ecological fuel.
  • Our work on the Erlenhof is energy-efficient and carbon neutral thanks to ‘Zündholz’, our biomass power plant.


Socially sustainable

  • We train apprentices in various professions.
  • The number of employees in our companies has increased steadily over the last few years.
  • We offer more than 250 employees the opportunity to increase and expand their expertise and to tap into their full potential.
  • We recognise and appreciate the importance of our employees as the foundation of our success.
  • We support countless charitable causes in sports, culture and social matters.


Economically sustainable

  • We always take the requirements of our customers into account.
  • We want to create lasting value through a healthy balance between security and opportunity.
  • We strive for excellence by cultivating a corporate culture that makes room for initiative and creativity.
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