Looking back

and steadily moving forward

Since the founding of the Leonhard Lehmann sawmill in 1875, the heart of every venture has been the fascinating world of wood. We have seized opportunities, integrated new areas of business and continually improved and expanded our areas of expertise. In the process, we have made our companies at Erlenhof what they are today, with more than 250 employees. Our companies use the raw material in its entirety and always with sustainability in mind: after it has been used for construction, the waste timber is used as an energy source.

When it comes to the future, we are able to see the wood for the trees. Our history at a glance:

1875 The Sägerei Leonhard Lehmann sawmill is established. It is operated using a waterwheel.
1935Incorporation of a carpentry workshop
1986The company is divided into Lehmann Gossau and Lehmann Arnegg
Holzmarkt Gossau is established
1997Blumer Elementtechnik AG Waldstatt is established
1999Start of collective production between the two timber construction companies Blumer Elementtechnik and Lehmann Holzbau Gossau
2000Cooperation begins with the Schmid company in Wattwil, which specialises in silo construction
2001Legal merger of the timber construction companies, including Schmid Silobau, into Blumer-Lehmann AG
Sawmill and timber processing now come under Holzwerk Lehmann AG.
2010ORC power plant ‘Zündholz’ put into operation

Restructuring of business divisions: in Free Form structures, LTC – Lehmann Timber Construction – tackles the international market as service provider; silo construction is now the concern of stand-alone BL Silobau AG
Formation of Blumer-Lehmann GmbH in Germany specialising in brine solution technology

2013Acquisition of Beniwood AG in terms of succession plan; renamed as Lehmann Pellets AG
New company and departmental structure: Lehmann covers the industrial area of timber processing with Lehmann Holzwerk AG, Lehmann Pallets AG and Lehmann Energie AG. Blumer-Lehmann continues to cover construction with Blumer-Lehmann AG and BL Silobau AG. Blumer-Lehmann AG is sub-divided into the areas of timber construction, modular construction, general contractor (previously ‘total service’) and free forms (previously LTC – Lehmann Timber Construction).
2015140th birthday, celebrated issuing an anniversary book (in German)

The charm of the olden days: people have always been fascinated by wood. Our company is constantly changing.

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