The foundation for a successful career

A skilled trade is a job for life – well-qualified professionals are in great demand all over the world. We offer traineeships in various professions and internships in the different areas of our company. We are pleased to be able to support our trainees and graduates in planning and designing a successful future career.


Our trainee positions beginning in summer 2017 are already taken. We are looking forward to your application for 2018.


Come train with us in the following professions:

Carpenter EFZ

You are good with your hands, are strong and healthy and have excellent spatial awareness. An enjoyment of geometry, physics and maths and a good technical knowledge are important for this profession. Carpenters work outside much of the time – sometimes even high up – and perform strenuous tasks that require physical strength, agility and a head for heights. Just as important are exactitude and the ability to complete focused work as part of a team. An enjoyment of building, constructing and working with wood as a raw material is a basic requirement.

From 2014, an apprenticeship in carpentry EFZ will take four years. You will work on the theory one day a week in a vocational college. Practical training takes place with us, with additional inter-company courses over several days. Once you have passed your final apprenticeship examination, you are awarded the Federal Certificate of Vocational Training and Education.

Woodworker EBA

Woodworkers work intensively with timber and with all the tools they need for manufacture and structural components. For this they must acquire special skills:

  • Knowledge of wood, forestry and the timber industry
  • Use of hand tools, power tools and stationary machines
  • Manufacture of products in a production facility and appropriate storage
  • Assembly of structural components with the appropriate tools and machinery
  • Implementation of environmental protection and health and safety regulations


The minimum age for applicants is 15 years. You must have completed your secondary school education. Anyone interested in this new apprenticeship should ideally enjoy working with wood and have good technical skills. Physical fitness is as important as the willingness to adapt to changing working conditions in a dynamic industry. Good spatial awareness is also required. You should be able to do basic calculations with length measurements. The ability to work in a team is just as important as the ability to work independently.

Sawyer EFZ

Sawyers process the round timber from forests into planks, squared timber and slats. They operate modern cutting and conveyor equipment, expertly dry and store the wood and advise customers.

They need good craftsmanship, technical understanding, a strong constitution, agility and the ability to work in a team. This apprenticeship lasts three years. Vocational college classes teach the necessary theoretical knowledge, while active participation in the workplace guarantees a solid basis for your future career.

Commercial administrator

You are communicative and good at languages, enjoy working at the computer and have good knowledge acquired at school. Further strengths are your openness and networked thinking. You are most comfortable in an environment that puts service into practice.

This apprenticeship lasts three years. Classes at vocational college focus mainly on communication with customers. You will have the opportunity to work in our various departments, where you will learn to handle modern technology and where you can put into practice what you have learned in college.


Interested? Then we look forward to receiving your application consisting of a covering letter, a CV with photo, all secondary school certificates and Stellwerk 8+9.

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Ursula Keller-Braun

Head of Personnel
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