Free forms

Technical and aesthetic splendour

Our Free forms department creates fascinating supporting and covering wood structures around the globe. We take ideas from complex structures and bring them to life according to every architectural and engineering rule in the book. Modern design and production methods open up whole worlds of possibility: complex structures and buildings not only become possible, they become real.

Free form structures are distinguished by their cellular supporting structures and the unique nature of each component. Exceptional – from the initial idea through to design, production and installation.

Thanks to highly qualified employees, our flexible design tools and our own CNC production, we are in a position to create extraordinary projects around the world – with the required quality, in the specified timeframe and on budget.

We are your point of contact for all stages of the construction process: from technical development to construction, service and maintenance. Coordination of the various steps, such as the geometry of development, structural engineering, production, logistics, site facilities, installation and follow-up works, is a core element of our project management.

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