Hunting Valley Pavillon Cleveland, Ohio USA

Canopy of the forest

This wood stunner stands in the private Hunting Valley park in Cleveland, Ohio. The pavilion comprises 90 free-flowing, laminated beams. At each intersection, the beams are connected to each other and form rhomboid cells. As it ascends upwards, the large oval base transitions to a round opening and the airy structure becomes denser..


Sustainably produced Accoya® wood was Chosen as the material for the pavilion and bonded to form beams using a special method. The natural robustness of the pinewood is reinforced by treatment with acetic anhydride. The Wood beams therefore fulfil the requirements of the highest durability class. Even in the weather-exposed environment, a lifetime of up to 50 years is guaranteed. Moreover, the pinewood, which is treated to the core, is less susceptible to wood-destroying fungi and insects.


The pavilion was designed by the Paris-based architecture firm RDAI. After the six-month commissioning phase, a further six months was spent in close collaboration with Julia Capp and Mathieu Alfandary (RDAI), and Klaas De Rycke and Louis Bergis (Bollinger + Grohmann Ingénierie) from Paris on the planning, development
of the production processes and production at Erlenhof. After a test installation in
Switzerland, the laminated beams were shipped by sea freight to Ohio. The installation process was equally exciting and our three-person team completed it over a three-week stint in the US.

Type of project:
Timber construction:
Cleveland Ohio, USA