Conversions and renovations

Renovating, extending, designing

Conversions require specialist expert knowledge and years of experience, because they rarely go to plan. To meet the demands of the contractor and achieve an ideal interplay of old and new, a high level of flexibility is needed in both thought and action. In their designs and implementation, our experienced specialists take into account both form and style, and the requirements of preservation orders and structural, noise and fire regulations. Many older buildings don’t have the structural load-bearing capacity to allow solid-construction extensions or additional stories. Timber construction is often the only cost-efficient solution, being lightweight and with excellent structural properties for additional floors and extensions.
A system of modular components enables short construction times, with buildings typically remaining habitable during the construction process. Our tightly organised construction management and clearly defined points of intersection guarantee cost-efficient conversions and extensions.


New energy-efficiency and comfort standards, such as Minergie, are often fulfilled first by timber constructions. Wood has ideal material properties; among a range of things, wood is a bad heat conductor. Prefabrication of components guarantees highly accurate construction. Compared with solid constructions, timber constructions achieve considerably higher insulation values. The energy-efficiency performance of a timber construction is superb. Older structures are whipped into energy-efficient shape, even with minimal wall thicknesses. Thinner walls, however, also mean more space inside. Wood is the building material of choice for energy-conscious retrofitting.

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