Timber engineering

Strong solutions for your projects

Many of the most exceptional characteristics of wood are only now being tapped, since the development of computer-aided processes to generate structural engineering calculations and guide processing. Digital design and production using CAE (computer-aided engineering), CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) have allowed timber construction to forge ahead into new dimensions of design. Innovative connections, modern wood-based materials and cutting-edge CNC milling offer entirely new possibilities and shape wood into almost any conceivable form. We work together with architects and other partners to develop powerful and unusual solutions for your projects and ideas.

Every project is different, every task requires a different solution. Large volumes and spans, and innovative new forms all pose a special challenge. Our highly qualified specialists have the expertise and experience to respond to the many and varied challenges posed by timber engineering. We tackle these challenges with enthusiasm and look forward to new milestones in modern timber construction.

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